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Highly recommended! Jo is so gentle with my dogs and always checks to make sure I’m happy with the style of clip. I also love being able to get my knives sharpened at the same time!

Robyn Gray

We’d adopted Major some two years ago now and up until recently had had trouble in bathing him effectively.

He had always seemed scared and apprehensive near the hose in the back yard, or the little shell pools. We even tried the dog wash at the local vet and also the local car wash, nothing seemed to work and we weren’t prepared to push him if he was already frightened.

Major was introduced to Jo some months ago now as his personal carer. He immediately took to her and was more than eager to please her.

It was amazing to see him jump up into her van and into the tub for a wash – he had a twinkle in his eye, and a smile on his face.

Major is not a small dog, in fact he is quite large. Jo however is able to manage him as though he were a pup – he is putty in her hands. She certainly has found her calling in life…

We were relieved, and so very happy. Now, when we mention Jo’s name and that she is coming to give him a bath, Major will wait at the door for her van to pull into the driveway.  His ears prick up when he hears her coming and his tail doesn’t stop wagging.

Major looks so very regal once he is washed, blow-dried, and he also has his nails done, and he smells divine. I’m sure he wishes he could have this treatment every week.

We are so very grateful for Jo’s Dog Grooming who are able to come to our home to care for Major.

Stacey Armstrong

Thanks guys! You did an amazing job again and the dogs are so comfortable with you.

Julie Benoit

Thanks so much Jo you did an excellent job and Rooey looks amazing!

Julie Benoit
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